3 thoughts on “About

  1. My prayers and gratitude to this blog… For all the goodness that it carries, all the wisdom it incites, all the thoughts it provokes, and all the attention it draws in, in the form of likes, comments and relatable experiences.

    May your words and acts elevate people’s lives. May your thoughts and writings make a difference to them. May your passion and occupation be the source of your happiness and contentment.

    May you be among those who matter to the world, and not to whom the world matters.

    May you stand successful in front of your God and Prophet (PBUH) on the day of judgement, that whatever you did in life was not-less-than-the-best with what all God had blessed you with, that your were among his best human beings and that you were a matter of pride for His Beloved (PBUH).

    Best wishes always…
    Keep writing and keep spreading hope and happiness…

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